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Why DISSECTING THE HACK: The F0rb1dd3n Network was written. By: Jayson E. Street

Why DISSECTING THE HACK: The F0rb1dd3n Network was written. By: Jayson E. Street

Dissecting The Twitter Hack With A Cybersecurity Evangelist final

Note: This blog entry was written by Jayson E. Street and published on his behalf.

The consumer, the corporate executive, and the government official. Regardless of your perspective, DISSECTING THE HACK: The F0rb1dd3n Network was written to illustrate the issues of Information Security through story. We all tell stories. In fact, we do our best communicating through stories. This book illustrates how very real twenty-first century threats are woven into the daily lives of people in different walks of life.

Three kids in Houston, Texas. A mid-level Swiss businessman traveling abroad. A technical support worker with a gambling problem. An international criminal who will do anything for a profit (and maybe other motives). FBI agents trying to unravel a dangerous puzzle. A widower-engineer just trying to survive. These are just some of the lives brought together in a story of espionage, friendship, puzzles, hacks, and more. Every attack is real. We even tell you how some of these attack are done. And we tell you how to defend against varied attacks as well.

DISSECTING THE HACK: The F0rb1dd3n Network is a two-part work. The first half is a story that can be read by itself. The second half is a technical reference work that can also be read alone. But together, each provides texture and context for the other. The technical reference called the STAR or Security Threats Are Real explains the how and why behind much of the story. STAR addresses technical material, policy issues, hacker culture context, and even explains Easter Eggs in the story.

This book is the product of a community of Information Security professionals. It is written to illustrate how we are all interesting targets for various reasons. We may be a source of money for criminals through fraud, we might have computing resources that can be used to launch attacks on someone else, or we may be responsible for protecting valuable information. The reasons we are attacked are legion and so are the ways we are attacked. Our goal is to raise awareness in a community of people who are under-served. Few of us really want dry lectures about how we should act to protect ourselves. But stories of criminals, corporate espionage, friendship and a little juvenile delinquency now that is the way to learn.

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