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Information Security Advisory and Consulting

Information Security

Advisory and Consulting

Netragard’s advisory services are designed to help facilitate knowledge transfer about how hackers think. These services are customized to provide clients with advice and direction related to the security of their systems, applications, infrastructures, policies, and documentation. Each service is custom tailored to ensure that it satisfies client requirements.

Osint Open Source Intelligence



Our customers view us as their security partners and work with us as their businesses grow to support the evolution of their security requirements.

Projects such as testing of new and innovative medical devices or advanced technologies are a routine part of our core DNA, with a highly skilled group of Experienced Researchers.

Netragard PenTesting Team


Open Source Intelligence

Open Source Intelligence services aim to passively collect detailed information by leveraging various techniques and technologies. The results may contain both technical and non-technical information that include the discovery of open ports, vulnerabilities, software versions, and other similar data. Non-technical information might consist of evaluating social networks, discovering leaked or stolen records (usernames, passwords, financial data, etc.), darknet research, and more.


Configuration Assessment

Security configuration assessment identifies misconfigurations of a system’s default settings to provide increased security and mitigation risk. For example, accepting default settings can make it easy for attackers to gain unauthorized access to an organization’s data.

Netragard will provide you with detailed guidance on how to harden your systems to better protect your digital assets.

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