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Protect Yourself – Chronicle’s 4-Part Video Series

Protect Yourself – Chronicle’s 4-Part Video Series

Hackers - Vulnerability Disclosures

This first clip focuses on confidence tricks (Social Engineering) which is something that we also do when we deliver Realistic Threat Penetration Tests to our customers. Our objective when using social engineering isn’t to con our customers out of money but instead to trick them into doing things that enable us access to their corporate network. This can include stealing passwords, deploying malware, or simply convincing someone to grant us access.

This second clip focuses on COVID-19 and the new Work from Home requirement. Our CEO (Adriel Desautels) was interviewed for this segment and asked what it was that we saw on the front lines in terms of bad actors taking advantage of this crisis. During this clip Adriel drops a hit about a new blog entry where talk about having used the pandemic and the PPE shortages to compromise a healthcare customer via a virtual meeting. We also discuss again how security software does not provide the level of protection that it promises.

This clip talks about robocalls and how people are often taken advantage of by these calls. There’s a great app that you can install on your iPhone called RoboKiller. RoboKiller answers robocalls for you and engages the caller in a fake conversation which consumes their time and resources. We suggest that people use an app like RoboKiller or, if they are using an iPhone, to block calls from unknown numbers.

This last segment contains a question and answer section where everyday people pose questions to various security experts including our CEO.

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