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We Protect Voters From Kris Kobach and Cross Check

We Protect Voters From Kris Kobach and Cross Check

Netragard Protects Voters

Re: Cross Check Infrastructure

Dear Kris Kobach,

We recently read an article published by Gizmodo about the security of the network that will be hosting Cross Check.  In that article we noticed that you said “They didn’t succeed in hacking it.” referring to the Arkansas state network.  First, to address your point, no we did not succeed in hacking the network because we didn’t try.  We didn’t try because hacking the network without contractual permission would be illegal and we really don’t want to do anything illegal.  Our goal here at Netragard is to protect people, their data, and their privacy through the delivery of Realistic Threat Penetration Testing services.

We would like to offer you our Realistic Threat Penetration Testing services one time free of charge as a way to help protect the privacy of the American people. In exchange for this we would like a public statement about your collaboration with Netragard to help improve your security.

Netragard, Inc.

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