Certificate of Security for Financial Graphic Services, Inc.

Certificate of Security for Financial Graphic Services, Inc. (FGraphic).

Netragard, Inc. delivered a Compliance Penetration Test (“CPT”) to Financial Graphic Services, Inc (“FGraphic”) on 01/22/2015 (“Date of Certification”).  Netragard measures the level of threat produced during an engagement based on how much time is allocated to testing each unique parameter (“Time Per Parameter” or “TPP”). A higher TPP represents a higher level of threat while a lower TPP represents a lower level of threat. Netragard estimates that the realistic threat faced by FGraphic will operate at an average TPP of 18.
Netragard, Inc. hereby certifies that as of the Date of Certification there were no identifiable vulnerabilities in https://demo.fgsfulfillment.com when testing at an average TPP of 7 as limited by the engagement scope.

The following chart is provided for context and clarity. 

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 4.47.52 PM
Certificate Image:
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Netragard Certified Seal